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Flint Toner Printer Help 



Error Codes

02 Warming Up (>3 Minutes)
1. Remove computer cables, then replace cables.

11 Paper Out 1. Paper tray empty or not seated correctly.

12 Printer Open or No Toner 1. Open and shut printer lid. 2. Replace toner cartridge.

13 Paper Jam 1. Obstruction in paper path -- remove jammed paper or foreign object. 2. Out of spec media or improperly loaded media.

14 No EP Cartridge 1. No toner cartridge is installed. 2. Bad toner cartridge.

16 Toner Low 1. Replace toner cartridge.

18 MIO Not Ready 1. Printer is not connected to active LAN.

20 Error/Memory Overflow 1. Add memory. 2. Simplify print job.

21 Error/Print Overrun 1. Simplify print job. 2. For Laserjet III, IIID, IIIP, with 1 MB extra memory, enable page protect.

22 Error I /O Config Error 1. I/O config for the computer or printer is incorrect. 2. Wrong I/O cable. 3. Computer is off.

23 I/O Not Ready 1. I/O card is unable to accept data or is not connected to the network.

24 Job Memory Full 1. Add memory. 2. Simplify print job.

25 XXX Memory Full 1. Add memory. 2. Simplify print job.

30 PS Error XX 1. PCL file being sent to printer while in postscript mode. 2. Check postscript roms.

40 Error (Data Transfer Error) 1. Reset by pressing the continue key. 2. This error can be caused by paper feed problems.

41.3 Error 1. Paper size selection does not match installed paper. 2. One of the cassettes is overfull or improperly adjusted. 3. Paper is out of spec.

50 Error 1. Turn printer off for 20 minutes to clear error. 2. If error does not clear, turn off printer and call technician.

51 Error 1. Call technician. User Support User Status Message: Ready The printer is ready to receive and process data. Busy The printer is busy receiving or processing data, or printing data. Flushing Buffer The printer is flushing corrupted print data and the current print job is being discarded. Restoring Factory Defaults The printer is restoring factory defaults.

User Error Message:

200 Paper Jam Remove Cartridge Open the printer's upper front door and remove the print cartridge to access the paper jam area.

201 Paper Jam Remove Cartridge Open the printer's upper front door and remove the print carriage to access the jam area.

202 Paper Jam Open Rear Door Open the printer rear door to access the jam area.

230 Paper Jam Check Duplex The paper is most likely jammed in the Duplex Unit. If the paper is not jammed in the duplex unit, then it may be jammed in the rear of the printer.

250 Paper Jam Check MP Feeder Paper is jammed in the multipurpose feeder.

260 Paper Jam Check Envelope Feeder Paper is jammed in the envelope feeder. Insert Cartridge or Close Door. This message displays when the printer's front door is open of the print cartridge is missing.

32 Unsupported Print Cartridge Turn printer off, remove cartridge, and reinsert cartridge, then turn on to clear. If this does not clear error, change toner cartridge.

38 Memory Full This message is displayed when the printer memory used to store pages is full.

80 Scheduled Maintenance The operator panel displays this message at each 300K-page count interval. It is necessary to replace the maintenance kit; the fuser assembly, transfer roller, and charge roll at this interval to maintain the print quality and reliability of the printer. Call your service provider.

88 Toner Low This message displays when toner low occurs and the toner low alarm is activated. Service Errors: Any service errors in the 900 range Turn printer off, then turn printer on to clear error. If error does not clear, call a technician.

If you are continuing to have a printer problem that you believe is cartridge related please call our customer care department at 877-598-6637 .

For faster service on the phone and to ensure we use your time wisely, please be prepared to provide us with information on what has been attempted thus far to resolve the printer problem, as well as the following:

• Flint Toner Product number with bar code
• Description of the printer problem you are experiencing
• When did this printer problem occur?
• How long have you had this printer problem?
• Has this printer problem happened before?
• Can the printer problem be re-created?